drinking water.

Every time we turn on the faucet, we wonder if we can still drink tap water in the future without filtration. MEREAU advises and assists companies to make this point of use a safe source with intelligent filters, water-saving dispensers and digital solutions.

Sustainable and individual.

Water treatment goes far beyond the limits of removing pollutants. The development of filter systems calls for knowledge of water chemistry and hygiene, which, combined with process engineering expertise and mechanical construction, leads to innovative solutions.

MEREAU makes it possible for water suppliers, companies, and ultimately, every consumer to ensure the availability of the highest quality drinking water directly at the point of use. By using their own tap water, each user carries out a fundamental part of active and sustainable resource conservation. Bottled water can be avoided.

A new generation of filters and water treatment processes makes this possible. Furthermore, treatment at the point of use is the key for boundless individualization of drinking water. Customized completely to the users’ needs, water can be adjusted to health requirements and taste preferences, anywhere in the world.

„MEREAU is the essence of my passion for water.“

Dr. Monique Bissen

We advise
and assist.

Product development and obtaining the necessary certification of filters and water dispensers pose great challenges for developers all over the world. It’s about developing standard-compliant products that will be used in all countries – and above all, that can be used. MEREAU advises and assists companies under the leadership of Dr. Monique Bissen.

We develop
and design.

We are convinced that the development of a visionary generation of filter systems and treatment technologies is still in its early stages. With our solutions, we focus on modern filter materials, sensor-controlled and -monitored processes and low dead space construction. The digital transformation paves the way to the integration of new technologies and applications into our everyday lives.

Dr. Monique Bissen


  • As a business owner, I know how important new product ideas are for businesses.
  • As a business economist, I understand that an innovation must pay off.
  • As a chemical engineer and longterm product developer, I know where mistakes are made during product sizing/design.
  • As an expert in the area of water hygiene, I know which measures must be adopted to develop hygienically safe products – and how important it is in competition to develop smart products that communicate with apps via sensors.
  • As a specialist in the area of measurement technology, I have the expertise to equip products with sensors, so that predictive maintenance can be used for filters and devices.
  • As an experienced developer, I enjoy design thinking.
  • As a water expert, I know all the major players in the market.
  • As a coach, I explain to sales and marketing personnel how water treatment technology works.

Our areas
of activity.

Particle removal
  • Sand, rust particle, and microplastic removal
Activated carbon filtration
  • Chlorine and chloramine reduction
  • Organic impurity removal (pesticides, drug residues, antibiotics, hormones)
Ion exchange process
  • Heavy metal removal (lead, copper, nickel, cadmium)
  • Water hardness reduction
  • Complete demineralisation
  • Uranium, fluoride, nitrate and arsenic removal
Membrane process
  • Microfiltration (MF): Particle removal
  • Ultrafiltration (UF): Hygiene factor by removing bacteria and viruses
  • Reverse osmosis (RO): Complete solution for removing all kinds of pollutants
Water hygiene/disinfection
  • Thermal disinfection kills all bacteria by heating to over 75°C
  • UV-disinfection destroys the bacteria’s DNA and thereby their ability to reproduce
  • Addition of silver at the point of use inactivates bacteria with long-lasting effects
  • Use of hypochlorite to ensure hygiene in water dispensers
  • Use of chlorine/ozone/chlorine dioxide for efficient processes in large-scale facilities (e.g., water works)
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Inline
  • Tank

What I’m advocating for.

All over the world, the quality and availability of drinking water is threatened. The main cause of this is an uncontrolled mix of pollutants: microplastics, drug residues, agrochemicals and many other – often hardly visible – residues create hidden danger.

Safe products for water filtration and treatment should supply people with drinking water that is free of pollutants and that is hygienically flawless in the future.

I commit myself to solve the worldwide challenges of climate change and drinking water availability. In addition to technological competence, MEREAU sees itself as part of a lead discussion that is both intentional and to-the-point: looming conflicts should be resolved quickly with the help of generally available technologies, and above all, by increasing awareness of the social significance of drinking water.

And I would like us to be able to live in a world in which we greatly relish water. Adequate drinking water manifestly keeps us mentally and physically fit and enables us to live longer. It’s even better if the water that we drink is healthy and just to our taste.

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